Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 20 06:04:03 MDT 1996

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Karl Carlile wrote:

> Despite my deepseated differences with Malecki etc I think Louis'
> venomous personalized attacks on him and Hugh Rodwell are
> unacceptable. He has also been abusive towards me. I saw that reply
> to you from him in which he mentioned something about the dentist
> drilling a hole in you head. Despite my disagreements with you I
> think this type of language is destructive.

Louis: There will come a time when you, Malecki and other stupid-heads
will have this list for yourselves. Ehrbar painstakingly created an
atmosphere in which people like you can thrive. Like a body whose
autoimmune system has broken down, this list is vulnerable to all sorts of
infections. We had to put up your month-long tantrum about the use of
four-letter words on the list. We have had to put up with Malecki;s stream
of consciousness thoughts on the fascinating subject of Malecki. We now
have 5000 word contributions from some obscure Maoist group in Germany
that had a falling-out with Martens. Now we can expect this thread to grow
and flourish that MIM has put its two cents in.

This is garbage. It is a waste of precious resources at Jefferson.Village.
It is a waste of the time of people who are forced to administer this

We have grown accustomed to knuckleheads on this list the way New Yorkers
have gotten used to the noise of car alarms. We, however, have other
options. The Spoons Administrators, just as I would expect, have kept
their mouths shut about the structure of the list. I expect that they are
waiting for Jon Beasley-Murray to return from his vacation. When he does,
I expect there will be something in the way of a formal announcement.
Stupid-heads, your days are numbered.

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