Revolutionary Platform of the SLP

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Tue Aug 20 10:26:58 MDT 1996

Document as amended and accepted by the first conference of the
Revolutionary Platform of the Socialist Labour Party

1.  We desperately need radical economic, social and environmental change.
This can only be achieved through the revolutionary struggle for socialism
and the establishment of workers' power. As part of this struggle the
working class must win what Marx called the 'battle for democracy'. A
revolutionary democratic SLP must stand for:

2.  For a socialist republic, for a united Ireland  If led by the working
class, the fight for these demands will be a vital element in the struggle
for socialism in the UK. We are for the abolition of the monarchy and all
hereditary privilege. We must fight for the abolition of the House of Lords
and for proportional representation. We are for the immediate and
unconditional withdrawal of British imperialism from Ireland.

3.  Self-determination for Scotland and Wales  We fight for the peoples of
Wales and Scotland to have the right and the means to exercise their
self-determination. We advocate their voluntary union with the working
class of England.

4.  No illusions in parliament  Parliament is a vital area of struggle for
our new party. Yet there is no possibility of socialism being achieved
through parliament. We need a democratic workers' state. All MPs and
Ministers should receive a salary equal to an average workers' wage. All
SLP MPs must be subject to the discipline of the Party, and are accountable
to the Party.

5.  Democracy in the workplace   We are for workers' control of industry
through elected and recallable workplace councils.

6.  Democracy in the trade unions  The rank and file must control their own
unions. All officials must be elected, accountable, subject to instant
recall and paid the average wage of the workers they represent. All members
of the SLP who are trade union officials must be instructed to accept a
wage equal to the average of that union's membership. All remaining moneys
shall be given over to the movement.

7.  For a socialist workers' Europe  As a socialist and internationalist
party, the SLP must pursue a working class agenda on all matters relating
to the European Union. We must unite  with European workers to fight for a
united socialist workers' Europe.

8.  Workers' Unity  There should be no residence qualifications for
membership of the SLP. We want to organise all workers - whatever their
country of origin - that live under the British state. The SLP must oppose
all immigration controls. The bourgeois state uses such controls to keep
migrant workers as worst paid labour in Britain, to criminalise them and
divide them from the rest of the class. It is a basic principle of the
workers' movement that we oppose all immigration controls.

9.  An internationalist party  A revolutionary republic must withdraw from
all imperialist alliances and blocs like Nato. Our international policies
must be guided by the world fight for working class revolution and
socialism. We are for a workers' international which unites all workers
against the capitalists and which fights for a socialist Europe and a
socialist world. We are for the withdrawal of UK imperialism from every
part of the world (Ireland, Balkans, Gibraltar, Africa, Hong Kong,
Malvinas, Carribean, etc). We defend the right of every oppressed people to
expel imperialist troops from their own lands.

10.  For a democratic SLP  We must have discipline, organisation and
democracy. We need the principle of free and open debate without
bureaucratic restriction. This must go along with unity in action. Minority
views should be given due recognition and comrades should have the right to
co-operate with co-thinkers to win support in the party.

11.  For a revolutionary alternative to Labour  We don not need a 'Labour
Party Mark II' or a new Independent Labour Party (ILP). The new party must
reject reformism and fight for revolution.

12.  For complete equality of workers from all nations and genders Smash
immigration controls. Support the right for black and Asian community to
defend themselves against racists and fascists.

Workers of the world unite

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