Lou, what is getting over you? Some advice

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Aug 20 13:42:22 MDT 1996

Lou,  your posts re Hans Ehrbar,  Malecki,  Carlisle, TimW et al,  have me
wondering.    If,  indeed,  there is a Moon over Miami,  what must
Manhattan's sky look like nowadays?

You need a rest,  Lou.

None of these indivduals have ever challenged you in any substantial way vis
a vis your arguments on Cuba,  Nicaragua,  cattle ranching,  or much else.
As for the list itself,  I am reminded of H.L. Mencken's assessment of
American politicians: "the best of them seem to be almost as bad as the
worst."    Excluding dear Zeynep (and one or two others), that sounds like a
fair precis of what daily occurs here.    And much of it is hard work,  at
that.     Did you know it can take up to four days to concoct a post without
a sensible word in it?

I know.

Louis (G)

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