Announcement Preview

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at
Tue Aug 20 14:22:47 MDT 1996

The spooners are waiting for Lisa, the moderator of M2, to return from
a short trip so that she can be at M2 when the announcement is
made.  But I think it will do no harm if I give you a preview of what
I think will be announced later today or tomorrow.  This is inofficial,
nothing is final until the actual announcement is made.

(1) The spoon collective has decided to expand its offerings of
Marxism-related lists.  It solicits proposals from all of us to set up
lists around narrower or broader themes, following a variety of
moderation styles, and the spooners will do all the technical work.
This is really exciting, and I hope it will solve many of the
shortcomings of the present setup.  The spooners were hoping that
there would be permeability and comradeship between the lists, this is
why they got so upset about Louis trying to sow animosity between the

(2) There will also be a list which has no pre-set agenda, no
exclusion or expulsion policy, and no moderator.  This list it
is hoped will satisfy some of the positive functions of the
present marxism list.

(3) The present lists M1 and M2 will continue until a sufficient
number of other lists are formed, and then they will be shut down.
But this process will take at least a month.

Hans Ehrbar.

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