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Tue Aug 20 14:45:27 MDT 1996

Hugh did ask about Cyprus, and I noticed that Malecki had also attempted,
since Adolfo, whose posts I do read, included a post of Malecki, whose posts
I don't read, in his own post.

I say I believe he attempted, because Malecki says:

>>How about our Turkisk friends who have presented so much here on Hunger
>>strikes. Is a leaflett about Crete and their position asking to much?

Crete, has been a part of Greece since 1913. The island in dispute is Cyprus.

But, I'll try to respond the request anyway. Crete is the 5th biggest island
in the Mediterranean. The main sources of income are agriculture and
tourism, and the vernecular architecture is reputed to be very intriguing
and enticing. Last big political dispute was between 1821 and 1913, when it
was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Greece won its independence from the
Ottoman Empire in 1830, and the status of Crete was disputed for a long
time, and there were many uprisings in the island for unification with
Greece. It has always been heavily populated by Greeks, and the Turkish
presence was always a minority.

As far as the best of my knowledge, nothing of political significance has
happenned in Crete recently.

As for Cyprus, the situation is pretty muddled as of yet. Turkish
rightist/fascist groups are mainly responsible for the murdering of two
Greeks. The same groups cooperate closely with the police and the army, we
encounter their violence almost on a daily basis. Nationalism is rampant on
both sides. The Turkish Cypriot government also supresses internal dissent.
About 40 Turkish Cypriot NGOs have published a joint declaration against

Currently, there are attempts to form some sort of joint platform with the
Greek left. If some sort of a joint declaration is published, I'll post to
the list.

As with many issues involving nationalism on both sides, joint working class
action, the only real solution, is elusive and difficult.


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