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Tue Aug 20 16:43:35 MDT 1996

Oops I misinterpreted a passage from the Aufhebung essay.  It is not
Luxemburg or Grossmann who stand accused of compromising totally with
capitalism; instead the author is justly criticizing their revisionist
opponents. That however the author basically neglects the real content of
of Rosa's and Henryk's polemics indicates what a shallow reading it is of
their work.

It is as if someone tried to summarize Engels' major work without
mentioning the name Duhring or *The Poverty of Philosophy* forgetting to
mention Proudhon.

Well here is my misreading for which I apologize.

They [Rosa and Henryk] had tried "to provide a materialist basis for the
necessity of socialism. In this task they were in opposition to those who
had started by trying to ground the socialist project on moral or
subjective grounds but had ended up compromising totally with capitalism."

This is simple slander! And outrageous in its falsity. Luxemburg
compromised totally with capitalism!  Grossmann who polemicized against
right wing social democracy in the form of Hiferding, Bauer, Kautsky and
others compromised totally with capitalism?!


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