CNI Alert: Protest Burma

Mike Corso cnitelecom at
Tue Aug 20 03:41:01 MDT 1996

CNI Telecom urges everyone to contact their representatives in Congress to discuss the grave
situation in Burma.

In 1988, the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) seized
power in Burma in a bloody coup.  It assumed rule of the country it
renamed Myanmar by gunning down over 3000 pro-democracy demonstrators.
In its eight year reign, it has killed about 10,000 of its opponents,
including ethnic minorities and democracy activists. Over 1,000
political activists remain in custody. In late May, the SLORC arrested
nearly 500 pro-democracy supporters on the eve of a meeting to discuss
constitutional reform and enacted an emergency ban on public speeches
and other "disruptive" activities.

Call Congress for FREE by dialing 800-962-3524. For information on
how to send your representatives email, as well as more information
on Burma, visit our link located at


Mike Corso
CNI Telecom

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