Resolutions from the Rev. Platform of the SLP

Robert Malecki malecki at
Wed Aug 21 03:08:50 MDT 1996

You write;
>We stand for the general interests of the workers' movement. The SLP should
>determine how many candidates and in what constituencies they should stand.
>Where other working class parties and organisations are aiming to stand in
>the same constituency, the SLP should seek discussions with them. Therefore
>, in the lead up to the coming general election, the SLP must seek concrete
>discussions with other working class organisations such as Militant Labour,
>the Communist Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party and others who also
>stand in elections - to ensure that:

Actually the platform is not bad nor the position on not taking a position
on the endless membership debates tre the common market, monetary union etc.
However i think that calling for a boycott to these fake elections would be
a better tactic. Explaining that revolutionaries take no responsibility in
the capitalist attempts to streamline a new imperialist Europe with the
common market and "festung" Europe ideology directed at the third world!

However i do not understand the tactic of not standing candidates in
constituitsies where other working class organisations like the CP, ML, RCP
etc. put forth candidates. Nor do i support discussions around mini programs
in practice rotten blocs of agreeing to disagree. However i do see the
possibility of giving critical support to these parties when not standing
candidates and explaining exactly why the support is "critical" and is
absolutely clear to the workers that the party in question does not have a
political line that goes all the way in their interests.

Nor do i see a united bloc as being a way forward unless it is a very clear
question of a United Front against facism or something. But this does not go
for "united" bloc of opprtunism in elections. It confuses the workers and
only leds to rotten blocks that the reformists and centrists will use to
"unite" the left around a mini program. It is basically lying to the working
class and rotten opportunism on behalf of those who apply the tactic as a
general electoral tactic..

>* Our candidates do not stand against each other, thereby splitting the
>anti-capitalist vote.
>* A minimum platform of working class defence and democratic demands is
>agreed if possible.
>Critical support is offered to other working class organisations in areas
>where the SLP is not standing. In effect we should argue for a united bloc
>of working class organisations in this watershed election.

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