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Wed Aug 21 03:21:41 MDT 1996

Scott M,

You wrote i.a.:

>          And now, here's
>          this vast history of the KPD-ML (PDQ) --  or whatever -- with its
>          enticing account of  a group containing (by  now) mayve a hundred
>          members, if you count multiple personalities . . .
>               Suffice it  to say,  I  fell  off  the wagon.  Thanks, guys.

To Marxists, line is key. Despite the fact that the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT)
was always a very small party, it was something as very rare as a
genuine proletarian revolutionary one, and it's not one bit of
an exaggeration to say that it made the reactionaries including
the phoney"Marxist" bosses tremble with fear. It degenerated in
the late 1980:s. Today's Marxist-Leninist in the world by no means
has caught up with it, as far as level of knowledge is concerned, yet.

Rolf M.

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