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Gina and MIM wrote:

>In a message dated 96-08-19 15:45:42 EDT, mim3 writes:
><< d) How do they regard the Communist Party of the
> Philippines and the "Sendero Luminoso"?  >>
>???"Sendero Luminoso"????  You guys should answer that
>question yourselves.  You allow the Communist Party of the
>Philippines its rightful name, but disrespect the Communist
>Party of Peru with the imperialist tag?  What's up with this?

As for (the former) KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT), they still
haven't got the name right. I explanied the confusing
similarities in names in Germany eralier, in a posting.
There was another altogether calling itself "the KPD/ML"
(with no addition in brackets). That was the one that,
as did Hodxa and the "RCP", openly supported the beaten
4-Gang in China in Oct 1976. In 1978, it "cut off" Mao
Zedong's head from the "five classics" on the front page
of its paper, the "Roter Morgen". By that name, the NE
used to call it: the "Roter Morgen" group.

Rolf M.

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