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Wed Aug 21 06:56:57 MDT 1996

I know it can appear as if I make some points on this list, then disappear
for a few days, and then return to the fray.  In between the point making I
am working on a job where I have neither time nor access to this list.

The main view of those who disagree with my critique of democracy in Cuba
seems to be that if a real democratic process had been permitted, then the
majority of people would have scuttled Castro's revolutionary program by
voting the fellow out of office.  Therefore he was correct to suppress
democracy, remain in office, and carry out revolutionary change
undemocratically.  Do I have the argument right?

Those who make this argument appear to hold the view that the majority of
people -- at least in the short run and under the existing world conditions
-- will not buy into socialism.

This is a dangerous view which I do not share.  I hold that the majority of
people can be convinced of socialism since such as system is in their
interest.  I also am realistic enough to understand that there may be steps
backward as well as forward in convincing the majority of this.  Nicaragua is
the example I sight.

To proceed, as my critics do, leads not to socialism but to a form of
statified authoritarian rule in the interests of the "revolutionary " elite.
 The evidence of this proposition is overwhelming.

Any argument with this?

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