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Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Aug 21 09:26:44 MDT 1996

At 12:46 PM 8/21/96, Gary MacLennan wrote:

>At 02:22 PM 8/20/96 -0600, Ehrbar wrote:
>>  The spooners were hoping that
>>there would be permeability and comradeship between the lists, this is
>>why they got so upset about Louis trying to sow animosity between the
>I have already posted about you this morning, Ehrbar, but I will tell you
>now that you are an ass-hole and a devious conniving one at that. Louis P.
>has never, not ever, tried to sow such animosity and I have read all his
>posts.  His crime is to see through you.

Who invited Malecki back to the list? Ehrbar. That's proof enough for me.



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