Roach Motels

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Wed Aug 21 10:16:39 MDT 1996

At 10:43 AM 8/21/96, Chris Burford wrote:

>Concerning Robert I think there is clearly an issue of class or
>stratum, although each side puts it differently. Robert is
>an anti-intellectual voice on the list, and unlike a predecessor,
>Jim J, he at least presents long enough arguments to understand
>some sort of position. This list is heavily weighted towards those
>with intellectual training and opportunities.

This is bullshit. There are, and have been, working class people without
lots of formal education who were interesting and literate. Malecki is
neither. Anyone who picks the Cockroach as a symbol of the working class
isn't suffering from a lack of schooling - he's suffering from a political
disease which was very ably diagnosed and analyzed by Adolfo. Most of the
Swedes I've met write better English than Malecki, and he's a native
speaker. Attributing his problems to his class position is an insult to the
working class.



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