Whose blood? was Re: Against bad blood

Richard Bos Richard.Bos at hagcott.meganet.co.uk
Wed Aug 21 11:08:36 MDT 1996

Hans Ehrbar wrote:
> My cottonwool method helped expose Louis Proyect's opportunism.
> Louis is trying to use the political movement for personal
> motives.  This makes him very dangerous in my view.  I was only
> a help.  The main contribution to exposing Louis came from Adolfo.
> My cottonwool method also helped expose Quispe.  The main credit,
> of course, is due to Ken Campbell.
> Next on my list is the sadistic jesuit Adolfo.
> Hans E.

Hans,please stop all this!

I like Louis P.,I like Adolfo, and it may surprise you, I like you.
This whole mud slinging between you all is detracting from the positive
contributions that you can all make.

Throw your list in the bin this minute!
Best wishes,

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