In E. Germany: "SED", not "SEW"

Kevin Cabral kcabral at
Wed Aug 21 12:04:28 MDT 1996

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> Your problem is that you have a very thin hold on reality.
> Everybody's got mental problems, including me. I just wouldn't try to work
> them through on a Marxism list. My own problem doesn't manifest itself in
> politics, but in my relations with other people. I have a violent temper.
> I spent saturday night in jail after having beat up a cop in a local bar.
> (She had the nerve to defend the war in Vietnam.)
> I take medication for my rage. 4 Prozac pills per day and a pint of Jack
> Daniels. You need to take something to help you deal with your maniacal
> Maoist obsessions. Usually I prescribe the old sitz bath cure, but in your
> case something stronger is called for.
> I recommend 6 months in an Orgone box. You should look up Chris Burford in
> London and make an appointment with him. He is one of the few
> psychiatrists in London who is licensed to administer the once-discredited
> Reichian therapy. Not only will you stop obsessing about 4 member Maoist
> sects, you will also have better orgasms than you have ever had in your
> life. That is, if you've ever had one at all.

	This list is becoming way too personally rigid. I think Louis
needs a break, just like I personally do when I unsub occasionally.
Perhaps Louis should think about responding to and getting into the debate
with Rakesh and Will Brown, or taking a vacation. Would you like to come
yachting on the sound next time I visit a few friends in Old Greenwich,

Cols, Oh

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