MIM Congress on Left-Wing Social-Democracy in 1996

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Wed Aug 21 13:22:22 MDT 1996

MIM Congress, July, 1996

"On Left-wing Social-Democracy or Internationalist Social-

Left-wing social democrats used to be those social-democrats most
willing to ally with communists to prevent fascist victory, most
willing to march in defense of trade unions together and those most
willing to work with communist-led trade unions. Today none of
these issues are relevant in our appraisal of social-democracy in the
imperialist countries.

The sole criterion of interest in allying with social-democrats in the
imperialist countries today is internationalism. Our friends in
Montreal, Europe and Australia often distinguish themselves in
remarkable solidarity with the people of Peru or the Philippines. This
kind of social-democrat, important in MIM circles, upholds the
equal right to life of all nations' peoples and is at least somewhat
aware of the u.s. imperialist role in bringing bloodshed to the Third
World. In this way, the minority of internationalist social-democrats
proves that it belongs in the proletarian camp.

The problem that internationalist social-democrats present is that
they carry along their Menshevism on the imperialist countries into
the proletarian camp. In 1994, the "MPP-USA" leaders pretty much
wrote off revolution in the united states and said that in the
proportion that one believed revolution impossible here, one should
get on board with the "MPP-USA."

Not surprisingly with that line, the "MPP-USA" proceeded to list our
name in publicity with the social-democratic CP-USA and Committees
of Correspondence. To them it didn't matter anyway, because there
was no prospect for revolution here.

Social-democrats especially dedicated to their internationalism
through their financial donations and publicity work can escape
MIM's criticism completely. The moment the internationalist social-
democrats talk about the situation in the imperialist countries, they
must be criticized ruthlessly.

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