Wed Aug 21 14:38:54 MDT 1996

This appears to be the latest in a long trend of malecki-bashing:

> I say I believe he attempted, because Malecki says:
> >>How about our Turkisk friends who have presented so much here on >
> >>strikes. Is a leaflett about Crete and their position asking to much?
> Crete, has been a part of Greece since 1913. The island in dispute is

Everone seems to take much delight in taking the piss out of malecki's poor
spelling and grammar. Why?

Eleanor Marx, when she set about trying to recruit real workers into the
union movement, in addition to the relatively well-paid workers &
craftspeople who were already in them but doing fuck all, had to teach them
to read.

How many recruits do you think she would have got if she'd said of one of
them, "Ha, ha, ha, thick bastard can't tell the diffference between Crete
and Cyprus!"

The fairly obvious answer is every one of them would have thought, 'arrogant
tosser', and quit the group she was building.

The point has to be that every single person on this list sees the postings.
If malecki is as much of an arsehole as some people seem to think, new
people like myself will figure this out *from his politics*, and will work
out who the good guys and bad guys are for ourselves.

But if the list is filled up with the puerile kind of mickey taking that's
been going on in the last day or two, then we'll leave, many of us without
ever posting a message, because we're scared of what you'll all say if we
make a mistake.

I thought you wanted a list that encouraged new people. If malecki gets on
your tits, then just delete his messages. If you want, go make a rag doll of
him, and stick pins in it, but DON'T DO IT ON THE LIST.

Grow, up, for fuck's sake.


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