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>From: Adam Rose <adam at>
>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 96 15:41:58 GMT
>Subject: Re: Australia - whats happening
>Earlier today I laid into your leaflet.
>I withdraw none of the criticisms, which were meant in a comradely way.
>But I would point out that the leaflet you posted only does (b) of
>your a,b,c. As you yourself say , "The absence of any of these, or even to
>get the balance wrong is to not go forward." Your leaflet, ie your public
>face, only does (b). If uncorrected, this can become a serious problem.

Actually the leaflet was written by Jeff Sparrow, but as he is a comrade of
mine I will respond.

Dont worry, I am sure that he would have taken the criticism as
constructive. I think that there is probably a need to explain the role and
likely behaviour of the union bureaucracy, and I am sure the current leaflet
will be improved on.

But firstly I think a leaflet about the union bureaucracy should go through
the question thoroughly, step by step, and probably requires a leaflet on
its own.

Secondly, the leaflet that is written is probably designed for our
membership (which is largely student) and their immediate contacts. The
question of violence is likely to reoccur and as unfortunate as it may be,
is likely to dominate debate even among the student left.

We are a small organisation and have fairly modest expectations. We are
unlikely to recruit and hold substantial numbers of workers from picket
lines because we are presently unable to deliver on the industrial front.
But that wont stop us from trying to intersect with workers in struggle and
recruit them on an ideological basis.

Tony Hartin

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