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>Subject: Question for Tony Hartin
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>keeps mentioning the party that he is a member of...Which one is that?
>What are the major socialist groups in Australia?

*sigh*  Why do I feel as if answering this question is a mistake ?

I am in a small group based mainly in Melbourne and Sydney, called Socialist

For all intents and purposes we have the same politics as the IS tendency.

The story of how we come to be outside the ISO is a long and not
particularly edifying one. But suffice to say we dont have any animosity to
the tendency or any of the groups in it, just some disagreements about
perspective (which have diminished as the tendency has started to shift in
the past year).

To the various sect members on the list:
(a) I'm not interested in debating the wondrous thoughts of Chairmen Mao and
Gonzalo (sp?)
(b) I'm not interested in debating the righteousness or not of Stalin's
paranoia and atrocities

As far as the major socialist groups in Australia go, there aren't any. I
doubt whether any groups with a membership (real) of over 100.

The rev groups are:

ISO (~100)
Democratic Socialist Party (~100)
Socialist Alternative (~50)
Militant (~30 or 40)

And after that is more or less sectville (Apologies to other Australian
comrades if I have left anyone out)

Tony Hartin

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