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>Reply by Lisa R. on chemical fuels etc [Forwarded: 18.08.96]

Rolf, if you don't understand Usenet conventions, let me explain...

1. When you post an article, and somebody follows up with referenced
information to the contrary, and also sets the followups to specific
sci.* group, then to maintain credibility, you should attempt to
reply, rather than just keeping on posting assertions.. You haven't...

2. You should not continue reposting huge amounts of previous
discussions to Usenet groups - especially as you aren't even
presenting any evidence, just assertions....

3. If you're not prepared to enter in scientific debate, then
please exclude from the Newsgroups line. The evidence so
far indicates you're ill-informed and obsessed - neither of which
excludes you from sci.* groups, but your refusal to discuss the
failings of the abiotic theory of the origin of fossil fuels
indicates you have a closed ( or non-existant ) mind, which should
exclude you....

So... Rolf, your mission - should you choose to accept it, is to
repudiate the evidence presented in the following sources, which I
have already referenced once in response to one of your earlier,
messy crossposts.

Note that even Thomas Gold doesn't now claim all fossil fuels are
abiotic, only methane, and I supplied the following references to
his work in my earlier post.

Nature v.368 p.499+ and p.536+ ( 1994 )
Chemical & Engineering News. 11 April 1994
Nature v.378. p.338+ and p.368+ ( 1995 )
Nature v.381 p114+ (1996 )

"The molecular structure of the hydrocarbons and other compounds
present in fossil fuels can be linked to the leaf waxes and other
plant molecules of marine and terrestrial plants believed to exist
during that era. There are various biogenic marker chemicals ( such
as isoprenoids from terpenes, porphyrins and aromatics from natural
pigments, pristane and phytane from the hydrolysis of chlorophyll,
and normal alkanes from waxes ), whose size and shape can not be
explained by known geological processes [2]. The presence of optical
activity and the carbon isotopic ratios also indicate a biological
origin [3]."
[ from the Gasoline FAQ ]

2. Hydrocarbons from Fossil
Fuels and their Relationship with Living Organisms. I.R.Hills,
G.W.Smith, and E.V.Whitehead. J.Inst.Petrol., v.56 p.127-137 (May 1970).

3. Modern Petroleum Technology - 5th edition. Editor, G.D.Hobson.
Wiley. ISBN 0 471 262498 (1984). Chapter 9. R.E.Banks and P.J.King

[ Followups set to, but if you're not interested in the
science, then don't bother replying or crossposting your junk there. ]

Bruce Hamilton

[So far, Bruce H.]

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