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Thu Aug 22 13:54:55 MDT 1996

<<In the late 1980s several direct and effective protests were launched
<<against the City of London...the financial heart of London. Organised by a
<<loose group of anarchists, syndicalists, socialists and  radical
 <<environmentalists the protests were
<<aimed to be a direct attack against capitalism. For once, rather than
 <<protesting against a particular aspect of capitalism or trying to oppose
<<a specific consequence of capitalism, people were trying to launch a protest
<<against the whole shooting match.

 <<The first Stop the City was very successful,
<<suprising the authorities and bringing chaos to the City as a few thousand
<<anti-capitalists rampaged through the streets harrassing stockbrokers and
 <<attacking financial institutions.

<<Have similiar protests happened at other finacncial centres??

<<It would be a fine and historic day if such a protest were to happen
<<simultaneously at a number of financial centres around the world.....
<<Wall Street,The City of London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris etc etc. It could be
<< organised on the NET and elsewhere.


<<Although symbolic, such a protest would be the first time in world history
<<that forces of the working class had directly and explicitly attacked
<< capitalism in a coordinated way at a global level. On behalf of the
<<oppressed of the world.

<<Worth drinking to?? Id say!!

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