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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Thu Aug 22 07:01:51 MDT 1996

Karl cautions us to:

>... present the list with rationality not abuse in the form
>of calling people "assholes". It is not an argument and is more a
>reflection on the sender.

By way of a third hand response to Gary:

>> I have already posted about you this morning, Ehrbar, but I will tell you
>> now that you are an ass-hole and a devious conniving one at that. Louis P.
>> has never, not ever, tried to sow such animosity and I have read all his
>> posts.  His crime is to see through you.

Thank you,  Gary,  thank you.    And thank YOU,  Karl for correcting a minor
anachronism of Gary's.    As an author of some erudition,  you know that
"asshole" is one word,  and,   furthermore,   is NEVER hyphenated.

List members,  take heed.

Louis (G)
Marxism List Grammatologist [sic]

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