ANNOUNCEMENT: Restructuring of Spoon marxism space

Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at
Thu Aug 22 11:39:57 MDT 1996

I had a good laugh when I read Malecki's well formulated response to
the marxism space announcement.  I was imagining my fellow spoon
members hitting their fists against the wall: oh, our Marx space project
is doomed, Malecki is going to subscribe to every single one of our
lists!  In view of Malecki's announcement I would not be surprised
to see a number of proposals of lists which are open to everybody in the
world except one person, and that is Malecki.  And as a spoon member I
would support this.

I see the same danger of fragmentation of the marxism space as Malecki
does.  There are so many centrifugal forces that it is easily
imaginable that Marxists of different persuasions will split up into
different lists and never see each other again.  But one cannot fight
against this by obstructing the work of hundreds of comrades, as is
Malecki's intention.  In my view, the unity of marxism can be asserted
in spoon's marxism space if one of the lists manages to establish
itself as a list which has informal hegemony.  In my view, only a
completely open list can qualify for this spot, because Marxism today
is too diverse.  Therefore marxism-general should be the one.  It
would take extra effort of all of us, including Malecki, to achieve
this hegemony, but I don't think it is impossible.  Others have
different views; they think a somewhat more closed list will have the
advantages without the disadvantages of the present marxism list.  I
hope they will put their proposals forward; I will support them.

Hans Ehrbar.

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