Let's dump smelly Proyect into a landfill.

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Thu Aug 22 16:27:04 MDT 1996

Marcelina wrote to Louis P:

>We don't have time for you old perverted waste. Marcelina.

Louis P wrote to MIM:

>>Shmucks, I will make you a counter-offer. You can kiss my fat
>>Jewish ass and I'll give you a nickel.

Marcelina commented:

>Well, we are sure MIM will kiss your zionist ass. But us, we will kick your
>old wrinkled ass for being a "great supporter of the People's War."

This is a level of discourse that reminds me of a novel by a Frenchified
Irishman who had three people tied in a sack heaving about in a sea of mud
and stabbing each other with tin-openers.

Marcelina's heading:

>Let's dump smelly Proyect into a landfill

expresses the  mentality and methods of deathsquads and cops in a lot of
Latin American countries.

With 'revolutionaries' like this, who needs gusanos!?

With 'Marxists' like Louis P, who needs the bourgeois media to tell us what
a rotten, useless lot we are?!

These are the kind of dreary, negative contributions that will get burnt
away in the crucible of decisive historical events. In the meantime, the
delete key will help remove the rankest of this undergrowth and clear the
way for discussions that get us somewhere.



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