PERU: Revolution & Peasant Rondas (I)

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Thu Aug 22 17:03:21 MDT 1996

Addendum to this post. Not to be misunderstood.

I meant that information from the struggle in Peru was beneficial. We need
Quispe & Co. as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Or, as much as a fish needs
dynamite-fishing. They are as loathsome a bunch as the imagination allows.

The only pragmatical benefit is the fact that they are posting some
translations of PCP documents. More of this should be done, hopefully by
other people, it is a shame that their name is even mentioned in the same
sentence with the struggle PCP. I sort of view such translations the same
way I'd view them if Washington Post translated the article. I read the
article, in spite of the obvious class-character of the medium, and keep my
eyes open for any repudiation from reliable sources that a misleading
translation was done.


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