assessment : memory lane

lisa rogers lrogers at
Thu Aug 22 15:58:00 MDT 1996

Excuse me HansE, I'm not sure why you think that knowing me and HansD
did anything for you getting "the job."  Not that either of us opposed
it, but frankly, you were the only volunteer.

And Louis, I'm surprised that you would equate so-called mail-bombing
with the destruction of an archive.  Just how harmful do you think
'mail-bombing' is?  And if you really think that Spoon or any member of
it is so extremely untrustworthy and mean-spirited, why were you talking
with Spoon in apparent good faith just last week?  And why do you care
if an "offspring of m1' lives on?  We don't have to join the thing, you

Just wondering,

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