Resolutions from the Rev. Platform of the SLP

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>Robert questioned the RP/SLP proposal on electoral policy.
>I am not a SLP member, and consequently may have misunderstood
>things. However, as I see it the motivation here is
>1. to rein in Scargill's electoralist excesses (he originally
>pledged to stand in every constituency, which would require over
>a million quid in deposit monies)
>2. to attack Scargill's arrogant refusal to consider joint work
>with the CPGB, ML and the Socialist Alliances
>Seeking a basis of agreement with people attacking a common
>enemy does not seem to me to be as 'rotten' an activity as
>Robert would suggest.

The problem with the above is that trying to build electoral blocks tends to
liquidate the program of revolution. That is why i say that it is better to
put forth ones own candidates where possible. Give critical support to
others where possible and making it explicitly clear why this support is

All of this building of electoral blocks appears to be agreeing to disagree
along the lowest common denominator and always helps those who are not
prepared to go all the way and building illusions about reformist and
centrist traitors..


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