Neil: Action is lumpen! MIM: Count us in!

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Aug 23 09:26:18 MDT 1996

On Fri, 23 Aug 1996, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:

> He wants to call us a sect in the Amerikan pragmatist
> sense of the word in which size is everything. But this
> "sect" gets more done than his CoC. That also has to do
> with standards for individuals. MIM standards are a lot higher.

Louis: Pretty soon Neil and MIM will have their own special who can hate
the unions more list. Can you imagine how people far and wide across the
Internet will flock to this forum?

MIM #1: Oh, Marvin, we just got a new subscription request from the leader
of a peasant guerrilla group in Ecuador that wants to be on the list.

MIM #2: Too bad, Scott, we are just filled up. We said that we had to keep
the list under a thousand in order to manage the discussion effectively.

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