The Marxism list: an assessment

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Fri Aug 23 15:55:27 MDT 1996

Geeze, Lou, doesn't your e-mail program come with a delete button?
I use mine on most of your posts, it's very simple.  Why don't you try
it?  It's made for those little disputes that are "obscure...other than to
the parties directly involved".

In a message dated 96-08-22 16:03:43 EDT, Louis Proyect wrote:

<< During the months of May
 and June, we were often treated to 15 posts per day each from Quispe,
 Martens, Burford, Malecki, Gina and Ruby over the most obscure
 issues other than to the parties directly involved. Chris Burford of
 course thrives on this sort of dementia and struggled to keep it going
 as long as possible. I sent private mail numerous occasions pleading
 with him to drop it. It was to no avail.

 4) Malecki is an extremely disruptive force on the list. When I
 managed through sheer nastiness to drive him off, Hans went running
 after him to bring him back. When a list does not have any kind of  >>

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