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     Now that President Clinton has signed the anti-welfare bill,
destroying labor's advances of the past 60 years, there is simply
no more excuse for the phony lesser evil line when it comes to
voting for the Democrats.  This bill is not only anti-labor, it
is anti-women and anti-immigrant, both, by definition, anti-labor
positions. Clinton has done his best to sign whatever reactionary
legislation comes along, including legislation that is anti-Cuba,
anti-gay marriage, pro-military, pro-prisons, pro-police and
pro-big business.  This is a Democratic President who did not
hesitate to support the execution of a mentally-retarded black
man during the 1992 campaign, and has signed into law increased
death penalty laws, among other many pieces of reactionary
legislation.  The ruling class is clearly, for all to see, acting
in a bi-partisan manner, with not only no resistance from labor,
but with the endorsement of the craft labor unions, the AFL-CIO,
which rushed to endorse Clinton in this current campaign, as it
has endorsed the Democrats since 1955, when the merger took place
of the AFL and CIO, after the labor unions were gutted of their
socialist organizers and openly acted as pawns of big business,
more often than not, since then.
      While change does not come from elections but rather from
class struggle, we do have an election of sorts coming up.  The
only decent thing to do is either vote socialist or leave the
people section of the ballot blank and vote on the initiatives.
As to California voters, since the 75% of the US population that
is east of the Mississippi has voted by 5 p.m. Pacific time,
California's presidential votes usually do not count, and thus
that is an additional reason to leave the presidential slot
blank.  In our undemocratic voting system, the largest state in
the nation, and the state that literally feeds the nation, does
not count in the presidential election.
     Now that this is all very clear (although it has been clear
for some decades, but perhaps not so obvious), we can watch to
see who is serious and who is not concerning social change.  My
own checklist of people, papers and organizations to watch in
this election includes (1) SF Bay Guardian, (2) Committees of
Correspondence and Angela Davis, (3) The Nation, (4) In These
Times, (5) all gay newspapers, (6) all women's newspapers, and
all others who consider themselves at least somewhat progressive
but routinely endorse or vote for the Democrats.  The "lesser
evil" era has ended; the equally evil era is now clearly with us.


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