Subject: Intermediate summary

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Fri Aug 23 17:16:46 MDT 1996

Hans lists the proposals as:

>In the last two days the spoon collective has received a number of
>requests for and proposals of marxism-related lists, with the topics
>marxism and aesthetics
>marxism versus postmodernism
>short term lists for discussing particular articles in the journals
>marxism and mental health/psychiatric nursing
>marxism and the organization of work
>marxism and culture
>marxism in the transnational era
>marxism and modernity

Cough. Yikes. EEEK! Where do we send our proposals?

1. Theoretical & practical aspects of organisation
[Forms of struggle, Leninism, vanguardism, the valid and the obsolete, etc.]

2. Theory of the state, globalism and internationalism
[The restructing of the nation-state, low intensity warfare,
multi-nationals, finance-capital, the thirld-world and [under]development,
fascism, etc.]

3. Restructuring the struggle in an era of neo-liberalism
[Crisis theory, neo-liberalism, the working class on the verge of the 21st
century, trade-unions, new employment structures and methods, the role of
peasantry, etc.]

4. National/ethnic question and the class struggle
[the surge in ethnic politics and struggles, class politics & the national
question, nationalism in the third-world in the first-world, etc.]

5. Ideology, culture & marxist politics
[the mass media, consumerism, identity politics, new mediums as the
internet, theory of ideology & politics]

6. The Soviet Bloc & Socialism
[A theory of transition, lessons from the Soviet experiment, problems of
socialism, planning, etc.]

With all due respects, I think the above list would be very fragmental, and
we'd have a difficulty to choose a place to discuss many of the problems
that we have been at least trying to discuss here.


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