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malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Fri Aug 23 22:00:10 MDT 1996

> Cough. Yikes. EEEK! Where do we send our proposals?

To marx-administration at lists.village.virginia.edu.

> With all due respects, I think the above list would be very fragmental, and
> we'd have a difficulty to choose a place to discuss many of the problems
> that we have been at least trying to discuss here.

That's right.  Those are the proposals we've received so far.  The need for
others, like the ones you've listed, is glaring.  (Do needs glare?).  We
need every interested body to analyze _what_ places are needed to discuss
the problems that people have been trying to discuss, and to ponder whether
he/she would be willing to take responsibility for defining them and
participting in running them.


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