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Fri Aug 23 23:59:10 MDT 1996

dear friends,

 The Maoist Internationalist  Movement (MIM) liars league is still covering up
part of their own "MIM theory' that postulates that ALL sex under capitalism is
They have recently argued at some forums at college campuses
for this idiotic 'line' of theirs.They mention  one such forum that they
participated in where they caught a lot of flak for their apologetics for
 but this is a key part of their lumpen vanguard "line".

Just check out MIM Notes # 113 of May, 1996. That is if MIMs 3 vending  agents
not recovered  all  49 copies of their misogynist sheet they sold/passed out
during the month of May.

MIM really believes in 'armed struggle" because they have  to defend themselves
not from the capitalist state but more often than not  from ouraged and militant
women (and men) who are sick of their "left cover' defense and promotion of
lumpen rapist predators.

As concerns MIMs  'internationalism", this too is bogus.
They STILL today in the MIM Notes sheet  back the turn coat Jose Maria Sison  &
co. . Sison was once a founder and chief  of the maoist  Communist  Party of the
Philippines (CPP).

But in 1986 , when the bourgeois and the church  shoved in  liberal landlord
Corazon Aquino to head off the mass movement of Philipino toilers and buy  off
corrupt elements, derail other movement formations and viciously  repress the
far left workers, Sison joined the Aquino bandwagon in  singing her praises! To
him she was something close to the immaculate virgin! He even appeared on
Filipino TV  at the behest of the liberals, , and imperialism and praised the
Aquino gang  in power after Marcos was removed..

The attachment was not one-way either. Aquino also praised Sison for calling for
an end to any idea of the working  masses  taking over power in revolution  and
telling the masses  that through bourgeois democracy , the masses can win their
Aquino stated that she  trusted  Sison, that she would protect him from right
army zealots and that Sison 'has now transformed himself into a good boy and
will now behave himself".

Well a few years later  it is true, Sison went abroad to build an exile Filipino
movement and claimed that Aquino had not kept her promises to the masses.
But the damage was done, thousands of militants had become passive,  politically
confused, or after trying to get amnesty, had their names now on record so the
Aquino-Ramos "democratic" state easlily  carried out hundreds of "salvage
operations' -read death squad murders against worker-farmer militants.

But the MIM opportunists have not a word of criticism of this, they just play up
Sison like he was some kind of Filipino Lenin!
But this is oh so typical of MIM type state capitalist  groups and outright
bourgeois outfits . Criticism-self criticism is only for the rank and file--not
for the party big shots.
Right MIM?

 MIM, Deal with these issues  honestly for starters THEN we can move on to
No more of your  juvenile political  "master(bater) tactician' breast beating
and windbaggery.
You don't dont know shit about me,. my history, or the groups i have worked with
for 26 years and if you do, I would like to know where you got the information!


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