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Neil writes:
>Excellent post exposing the outright reactionary actions of the Clinton
>Govt. The point about the lie of the "lesser evilists" and Clintons outright
>racist and capitalist political career were on target.

However it was a bit chavinist on the California stuff. I mean the "state
that feeds the country" sounds just a bit strange to say the least..
>Especially powerfull was your honest expose of the AFL/CIO and their
>support of Democrats --and capitalism.
>Also how the capitalist attacks come down today OPENLY in very bi-partisan
>manner  was shown -e.g. the economic  slaughter of people on welfare,
>immigrants, etc..

Certainly true!
>Principed marxists are with you on this one! I have advocated revolutionary
>groups organize a pro-active condemnation of the bourgeois election circus , a
>pro-active information-agitation campaign  against the elections and putting
>a programme of workers movement  organizing, class struggle , and the end
of the
>wage slave system!

The problem with this stuff is that Neil raises this line to a principle to
be used every where internationally and at all times. Not just a line
against the twin parties of capitalism in America. And I hope Neil means
independent "classs struggle.

>But certain fakers on this list say this is "ultra-left" , "looney-tunes" and
>"not realistic".
>You must know that certain of these  bogus marxists like the CPUSA, the
DSA, and
>the Committees of Correspondence (CoC), etc. are still ringing the doorbells,
>manning the phone banks, giving liberal capitalist sermons in support of
>The Democrats/Clinton. These outfits are a rancid cesspool, but they still have
>the gall to pose as socialists..

This is certainly true! However there appears also to be a number of left
organisations like the militant group who for years tried to bury itself in
the Labor Parties with the tactyic of entrism. They now appear to have
changed their tune a bit (at least here in Sweden). But the bottom line is
oppotunist electoralism with all and everyone on just about any kind of
"progressive" labor ballot. This appears to be the case in England too in
regards to labor. Ultimately this is because they have given up on any kind
of revolutionary politics raised independently that goes futher then the
most left wing reformists and centrists for fear of being accused of being
This is usually done in the classical Menshevik demogogy of the "workers"
would hardly understand a revolutionary program today. Thus finding
themselves tailing both the reformists and the centrists and the working
class instead of trying to lead the class struggle.
>that is why the list debate gets so sharp--its the class line, the lives of
>workers, the belly crawling and ass-kissing of the above mentioned opportunist
>groups and others.

Yes, the struggle on the list is and should be sharp at times. And it is
always the right wing and center of these lists that are doing all the
talking about "reforming" the lists. Hardly! All of the present flack on M1
is to stop this confrontation of politics and ideas under the guise of
"saving" the list from ultra leftists and crazies or whatever in order to
stop the discussion and sharp clashes which at times are neccessary. In fact
they are already talking about banning people from the lists before they are
even started or subscribed too. This in reality means that one is judged and
condemned before (!) the lists or rules for participation in the new forums
are setup!

>When the workers come up in the struggle against capital, we also have to
>these trojan horses in our midst and that is one of the reasons our struggle
>is so stunted today.

True! But that does not mean you write off the trade unions and electoral or
united front tavtics everywhere and at all times because the bureaucrats and
parties are traitors to the class..

>There is the capitalist enemy charging in for killing, maiming, pauperizing
>more workers, and running interference for them is the  Democratic Party,
the AF
>of Hell (AFL/CIO) and their bullshit election circus to numb and stupify the

Yes it is! And all the that call for votes to either of these parties are
traitors. Thus the neccessity of creating a real workers party in the United
states which can take the foprm of a traditional independaent reformist
labor party or a party along Leninsts lines. But to say now that any kind of
tactics involving and independent labor party along the reformist lines is
entirely excluded as Neil believes is ultra left childness
and in fact political suicide for any party who comes forward to lead the
class along the path of revolution and away from the parties and trade union
bureaucrats who are traitors..
>Keep your posts to the list coming

Yes, by all means. At least until the execution of this list comes!

Warm regards

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