Why we do need an international discussion.

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Sat Aug 24 08:40:32 MDT 1996

    Zeynep's proposal is breathtaking, and/but it would take a good dea
deal of careful advance discussion/debate to make it work. It would
be a leap not merely a step beyond anything we have had on M1 even
at its best, but the rewards could be, as my son likes to say,
awesome. I suspect that for it really to work we would need to
incorporate a bevy of translators, so that it would be possible
to exchange across the many language barriers.

    The chief difficulty (it is tautological to say, but needs
to be remembered) would be the classical one of how to have
enough structure, enough centralism, without having too much
structure. Could we perhaps form a list to start debating the
list that Zeynep proposes? For it to fulfill Zeynep's vision, it
would have to be more than personal amusement (or even "personal
'growth'") for everyone on it. (Another, I think useful, tautology:
A maillist needs friction and marginal irritations: how do we
measure how much? Could such a list stand a bhoddi? (For those who
don't remember him, he was sort of a polite Malecki--but of an
anti-communist flavor.)
    Carrol Cox
    Illinois State University (English Dept.) Normal, Illinois, USA

> An international debate, an international coordination and an international
> fightback is imperative. That is only possible in a structured environment.
> Spoons is offering such an environment, and it would be a shame if we don't
> give this much thought and effort.
> I chose to "tough it out" in M1, in spite of the rather discouraging
> environment at times. This is not just a personal amusement for me, although
> it is at times. What I have not been able to do is to bring you the full
> flavor of the theoretical / political debates that are going around in
> Turkey. If we do manage to launch a structured, productive and hopefully
> heated debate regarding subjects of immediate interest for marxist and
> revolutionaries, there will be a lot more contribution from Turkey. There
> are various papers, articles I've often thought of translating for the list,
> but the effort did not seem worth it unless a serious discussion would seem
> to ensue.
> If such an environment *is* created, there would be other contributors from
> Turkey, and probably elsewhere as well. Currently, no international journal
> is capable of pursuing the kind of debate possible on the internet. However,
> I can't seriously think of inviting others to an environment such as the M1
> list. If I weren't the only regular participant from Turkey, I'd have quit.
> I think the creation of such an environment would follow by a much larger
> and valuable participation from many countries. If we get stuck with a list
> of lists proposed so far, that won't happen.
> Zeynep
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