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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sat Aug 24 13:14:28 MDT 1996

Dear list members;  May I suggest the following?

(1)History & Science:
Encompassing the development of modern thought in the natural sciences from
a Marxian perspective

(2)Problems of Modern Communism:
Analysis of the transitions from Actually Existing Socialism to
post-Communism in eastern Europe and Asia.     Stalinism as a model in
underdeveloped societies.    Neo-Communism in the 21st century.

(3)Marxism & Culture:
A discussion of Marxian concepts of culture from Lukacs and Gramsci down
through the Frankfurt School (Adorno, Horkheimer,  and Marcuse) and into our
own era (Pierre Bourdieu,  Louis Althusser and Raymond Williams).
Aesthetics,   Art and Literature,  Structuralism,  Hegemony, etc.

(4)American Marxism:
Revolutionary prospects in the contemporary United States.    American
'exceptionalism'.    Political character of the working class.    Working
class culture and its discontents.    Marxism and its roots in "mainstream"
American political history.    History of the American Left.

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