Review of Hans's moderation principles

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Subject: Re: Review of Hans's moderation principles.

excluding needed grit, stupidity, and obnoxiousness. And I
do not, myself, know the correct proportion of such elements.
To use the oldest cliche in European thought, chaos is
Scylla and the sectarianism and dogmatism of a MIM or Hugh
Rodwell the Charybdis. That sectarianism comes from an intense
fear that bourgeois individualism and chaos will conquer. fleeing

MIM replies: How would you know if MIM is sectarian or
dogmatic? You long ago claimed to delete all MIM
posts automatically, along with
the posts of most of the other posters. You can't come back now and claim
you know what is going on. Never mind you gave no definition
of sectarian or dogmatic and didn't give examples.

Rakesh is in the same irresponsible boat. He hasn't had
anything to say about MIM posts for a long time, and no doubt
missed that we already said Albanian whites are oppressed
and exploited. He missed that we favor the national struggle
of Irish whites. So how does he get off calling MIM's analysis
racial? It is only by laziness. We carefully distinguished
between racial and national and someone in Ethnic Studies
should do the same.

People who haven't been reading MIM's posts should do us all
a favor and avoid making generalizations about them.

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