Marxism and Religion: Work with Progressive Religionists.

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sun Aug 25 20:19:31 MDT 1996

Wei En Lin writes:

> We should always keep an open mind toward people,
>whatever their religious views.  If people's actions are revolutionary
>or progressive, they should not be subject to condemnation on account of
>their religious views and affiliations.

And continues:

>Let religion flourish when it is radical and creative; fight against it
>when it is tied to traditional feudal or capitalist power structures.

Adolfo posted something on this awhile back to the effect that Communists
could not be believers,  as subscribing to a particular religious bigotry or
superstition was incompatible with materialism.    I find this close to my
own view that whatever advances the interests of communism is "moral",
whatever retards it is "immoral".    Faith is belief in the absence of
evidence.    Humankind's development has itself destroyed any rational basis
on which to continue to postulate the existence of a supernatural entity.
There is ample--indeed,  overwhelming--evidence that "God" does not exist;
and simply none to the contrary.

Religious beliefs--and those who peddle them--must be seen,  simply,  in the
tradition of idealistic and reactionary phenomenon that can never be
rendered compatible with the "progressive" evolution of the working class
and history.    It must always,  at the end of the day,  be inextricably
"tied to traditional feudal or capitalist power structures."    Appeals to
ecclesiastical authority have always been a mainstay of conservative and
counter-revolutionary thought.    Traveling under a left or liberal guise
does not in the end compensate for ideas that are basically inimical to
Marxism and revolution.

Louis Godena

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