Mass actions for welfare?

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Sun Aug 25 21:41:33 MDT 1996

dear  tyler,

The Labor Party (LP) may pass reams of paper resolutions calling
for various good  things workers need but must fight for. This way it tries
to fool workers into thinking the existing unions will wage some real struggles
somewhere in workers interests and help the class to mobilize and
beat back the brutal  corporate/capitalist offensive. This the unions will only
do under big pressure self-organized from below and then only to make sure
the unions and the state parties can keep a tight rein on matters.

But the LP is a vehicle of a wing  of the AFL/CIO apparatus  and this apparatus
which is tied to the  state by 1000 threads. This mainly through profitable ties
to the Democrats though it is not averse to backing "moderate' Republicans too.
When the
AFL passes out $40 millions to back Clinton's regime, it really does not want
any serious mass protest demos and rallies that would not only target the  open
rightist republicans  but  honest  left forces there would politically hit the
democrats/clinton  as well.

In addition, the root materially is that though  the LP backs "reformed
Rooseveltian "
 style capitalism,  the current overall crisis of the corporate profit rates
and world /national market COMPETITION  + the end of the post WW2
accumulation cycle means that the ANY institution needed by  capital
(parties/unions) will have to bow to the demands of the marketplace.

The Welfare attack bills are part of the overall needs of the SYSTEM, not
just rotten political scoundrels and so the AFL and the LP will not build
anything serious to fight back but only join in if mass anger from below
in the ranks pushes the struggle forward.

The republicrat Welfare attack will
1) save the bourgeois class probably 50 billion over the next 5 years alone
2) bring millions of new workers into the capitalist labor market hence LOWERING
the price of labor power overall in the class
3) divide workers more thru (racist) campaigns against  oppressed nationality,
caucasian and immigrant workers which shield the rich and the state.

We should be calling for workers of all colors to unite, build their own new
 economic and political organizations and take to carrying out their own plans
for mass actions.
This can better "get the class struggle ball" rolling in the workers favor.
This will be a tough up-hill struggle but if you wait for posturing  labor
fakers to do it
you might need the life of Methusaleh!

a good idea might be to use the official milquetoast  Labor Day events
to agitate amongst real workers for this kind of perspective.


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