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Mon Aug 26 01:17:17 MDT 1996

>Response to Bob Malecki:
>There were no big fireworks around the Cleveland convention.  The
>contrived Labor Party that was formed in Cleveland, Ohio in June
>1996 received almost no press coverage and was in no way
>representative of the unionized labor force of the US, which is
>only 15% of the American work force.  Of the 1400 or so in
>attendance (in a nation of 250 million), 146 were Labor Party
>Advocates members; the rest were bureaucrats and their lackeys
>from a few unions.  Since the convention, the Buffalo, New York
>chapter of Labor Party Advocates has been kicked out, presumably
>for being too radical.  By definition, this Labor Party is a top-
>down approach, since the delegates were not elected by the
>American workingclass nor the unionized American workingclass as
>a whole.  So far, this little farce of a party is passing
>resolutions, but not organizing mass demonstrations.  We
>certainly cannot go back to any previous era when other labor
>parties were formed and imitate their development, which came out
>of previous historical circumstances.  History can only repeat
>itself as a farce.  We definitely must go forward.

I hope your right! However the above proves that there is a right wing in
the labor movement which will try to stop any kind of revolutionary
developments. And if push comes to shove will receive help from the ruling
class of America. However in America it can also go another way. Just
because they do not have a long tradition of reformist labor parties in
their history. However there are those whop say that Facism will and can get
a foot fast far easier because of this also!

bob malecki

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