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Mon Aug 26 07:02:48 MDT 1996

Zenyep proosed:

>1. Theoretical & practical aspects of organisation
>[Forms of struggle, Leninism, vanguardism, the valid and the obsolete,
>2. Theory of the state, globalism and internationalism
>[The restructing of the nation-state, low intensity warfare,
>multi-nationals, finance-capital, the thirld-world and [under]development,
>fascism, etc.]
>3. Restructuring the struggle in an era of neo-liberalism
>[Crisis theory, neo-liberalism, the working class on the verge of the 21st
>century, trade-unions, new employment structures and methods, the role of
>peasantry, etc.]
>4. National/ethnic question and the class struggle
>[the surge in ethnic politics and struggles, class politics & the national
>question, nationalism in the third-world in the first-world, etc.]
>5. Ideology, culture & marxist politics
>[the mass media, consumerism, identity politics, new mediums as the
>internet, theory of ideology & politics]
>6. The Soviet Bloc & Socialism
>[A theory of transition, lessons from the Soviet experiment, problems of
>socialism, planning, etc.]
>I suggest that all these be moderated to allow a productive, structured
>debate. Flame-wars and over-repetition should be cautioned against but not
>forbidden in a strict sense so as to stifle the debate. A Marxist
>list can't and shouldn't expect a noncommittal attitude from the
>I'm not sure about the technicalities, but I prefer a democratic process
>choosing, removing moderators, and for expulsion from the list. Also, a
>panel of moderators instead of a single moderator seems more appropriate.

I would support the above almost completely. The only worry I have is there
is nowhere yet for the useful discussion we've been having on Australia - do
we need a 'practical marxism' list, for people to post their leaflets, etc
to for constructive criticism from other comrades.

The danger with specifically theoretical lists is that they will become
increasingly divorced from reality, i.e. the task of changing the world.

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