Resolutions from the Rev. Platform of the SLP

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>The problem with the above is that trying to build electoral
blocks tends to
liquidate the program of revolution. That is why i say that it
is better to
put forth ones own candidates where possible. Give critical
support to
others where possible and making it explicitly clear why this
support is

>All of this building of electoral blocks appears to be agreeing
to disagree
along the lowest common denominator and always helps those who
are not
prepared to go all the way and building illusions about
reformist and
centrist traitors..

You seem to be trying to shift the discussion away from concrete
reality onto a plane of abstract principles. The RP/SLP, by
contrast, is attempting to deal with the specific situation of
conflicting revolutionary initiatives in Britain at the present
time. If you really want to start from a position where you see
Militant Labour, the Socialist Alliances and the CPGB as
'reformist and centrist traitors' then either you have a
radically different view of them from mine, or you are set on a
very lonely course of revolutionary purity that can never get
you beyond another 'telephone booth international'. Don't you
think the world has had enough of that stuff ? Isn't it time to
realise that the crisis of proletarian leadership is not going
to be solved by heaping abuse on those who are closest to us
politically ?

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