Marxism and Religion: Work with Progressive Religionists.

Kevin Cabral kcabral at
Mon Aug 26 08:49:19 MDT 1996

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> >Let religion flourish when it is radical and creative; fight against it
> >when it is tied to traditional feudal or capitalist power structures.
> Adolfo posted something on this awhile back to the effect that Communists
> could not be believers,  as subscribing to a particular religious bigotry or
> superstition was incompatible with materialism.    I find this close to my
> own view that whatever advances the interests of communism is "moral",
> whatever retards it is "immoral".    Faith is belief in the absence of
> evidence.    Humankind's development has itself destroyed any rational basis
> on which to continue to postulate the existence of a supernatural entity.
> There is ample--indeed,  overwhelming--evidence that "God" does not exist;
> and simply none to the contrary.
	I disagree, in my experience most people of faith see some evidence
as to why God exists. Actually they see plenty of it, and most of it
corresponds to their specific vision of God. While much of the evidence
may not hold up to a scientific study, it still remains that most
believers do hold up some evidence. Whether it is a mistaken reading of
the second law of thermodynamics, or an experience where their car flipped
several times on the highway without them being killed.

	Of course that's probably not to stop you, Louis, who has so
kindly asserted that a revolution in the United States will cost 10
million lives of workers (or was the number 20 million?).

Cols, Oh

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