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Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 26 14:40:26 MDT 1996

Welcome Carl, you arrive just as the list is being reconstructed--and
there is very little peace here now?

    Query: do you really group a committed revolutionary like
Baraka with Cornel West? We're having a thread on religion and
communism--and I'm among those who think that communists should
work with progressive religious groups: but I would draw the
line at labeling a Christian a Marxist.

Carl writes:
> hi there comrades,
> my name is carlos, and it's good to be here. I'm a 20 yr old student in nyc,
> very interested in Marxist cultural studies(i.e.-Literary critism, film crit,

> and art.) I'm currently writing a piece on Prison writers(i.e.-Jack Henry
> Abbott, George Jackson, and even Eldrige Cleaver), and I'm primarily intrested

> in their position as resistors. My main text isFoucault's "The Birth of the
> Prison". I'm also in Black Marxist like cornel West, the poet Amiri Baraka,
> and of course, the Panthers. I looking forward to some great discussions with

> you gals and guys.
> peace,
> carl
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