Support against Hans' "psycho" kick-out plan?

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Mon Aug 26 14:49:55 MDT 1996

List subscribers,

I just saw the below under the innocent-looking subject line
"Review of Hans's moderation principles", by Hans Erbahr, 25.08:

>There are only three cases when I
>thought expulsion might be appropriate.  One was the aol-freak who
>treatened Louis Proyect.  Had he not backed down by himself I would
>have moved to expel him.  The other is Luis Quispe.  It is not
>necessary to expel him because of the list dynamics, he lost his
>ability to disrupt the list, but it may be necessary for ethical
>reasons: for publicizing private email and, more importantly, for
>fingering Callero.  The fact that he translates PCP documents is not a
>good reason to tolerate him.

>The third person is, I am sorry to say, Rolf Martens.  I am deeply
>convinced that Rolf is a well-intentioned and honest comrade.  But he
>simply has no sense of what is real and what is not, or what is
>relevant and what is not.  Given his complete lack of an inner
>compass, it is amazing how coherent he is; he must be extremely smart.
>But were this list to continue, I would move that we ask him to
>refrain from posting.  Perhaps we can organize a girl friend for him;
>she would undoubtedly find that he has a golden heart.  Rolf should
>devote his considerable resources to healing himself; although he is
>willing and feels the responsibility to contribute to our common
>cause, he is, unfortunately, useless and even counterproductive at
>this point.  He should consider it his primary revolutionary duty to
>take care of the psychic wounds that must have been inflicted on him
>at some time in the past.

It seems Hans is dead serious, not joking. What did I do wrong?
I suppose I stung some political beliefs of his in the heart -
he once wrote that "everybody must just yawn at all attempts at
showing that nuclear energy is a good thing" or words to that effect;
could that be it? Is he scared now that there might be a "risk"
that some ex-comrades of mine (who, mildly put, don't like me much)
would provide additional arguments on that little matter? Or is
there something else? I cannot figure it out.

Anyway, I ask people for some fire support against this nasty
attack with its not less nasty psycho priest "motivation"!

For the life of me, I cannot see what wrongdoing I might justly
be accused of.

Rolf M.

P.S. I don't think "Quispe" and such people should be kicked out
either; those "skeletons in the classroom corners" are needed.

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