A DOE John Doe "fossil" kick or what?

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Mon Aug 26 17:29:34 MDT 1996

[I just posted this to the newsgroup 'sci.energy'. - RM]

From: rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se (Rolf Martens)
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Subject: A DOE John Doe "fossil" kick or what?
Date: 26 Aug 1996 23:06:02 GMT

Sorry, science people, to bother you again with something that has
more to do with politics, and this time nothing *directly* to do with
energy at all. I really don't intend to mix in such things here more
than I think is actually needed.

But the matter is, that precisely at the moment when a series of
mine, 'Why the chemical fuels are NOT "fossil"' has started really to
get into swing (on this newsgroup and some others), a series which
perhaps is uncomfortable both to certain "big oil" people and to
certain people in DOE (meaning, the Department of Energy, USA),
precisely then there has come the attempt quoted below at kicking
me out of a certain list where this discussion started off in the
first place.

This may not be the reason at all for this attempt, it's only one of
several possibilities for it, but because I do think it's a serious
possibility, I'm posting this thing to this group too, with in this
case this little introduction.

If some people would want to react, not because they support my
opinions but because they support my right to express them, I'd
very much appreciate such reaction.

Here's the thing I've posted elsewhere too:

[Subject line to "political" groups:]

Look why someone wants me off a Marxism list! [Posted: 26.08.96]

I'm posting this to various newsgroups, to inform as many as
possible of some dealings which I hope there will be reactions
against, also from people who know nothing further about the
background involved.

Please look at the "reasons" given, yesterday, by somebody for
his intention to suggest to the other owners of a certain list
that I be expelled from it! (Quoted in full below.)

I hope that in itself will make all fair-minded persons see that
some funny business indeed is afoot.

It's a rather open attack against someone's - in this case, mine -
right to air his views, and if there are people out there who're
prepared to take a little action in this case, I'd appreciate it.

In that case, send your comments to one of the following
moderators of the Jefferson Village Virginia Marxism list (run by
the Spoon Collective):

Flannon Jackson Jon Beasley-Murray Seamus Malone or to the writer
(likewise a moderator) I'm quoting:
Hans Ehrbar <ehrbar at marx.econ.utah.edu>

He wrote on 25.08. to that list i.a.:

>There are only three cases when I thought expulsion might be

>The third person is, I am sorry to say, Rolf Martens. I am
>deeply convinced that Rolf is a well-intentioned and honest
>comrade. But he simply has no sense of what is real and what
>is not, or what is relevant and what is not. Given his complete
>lack of an inner compass, it is amazing how coherent he is; he
>must be extremely smart. But were this list to continue, I would
>move that we ask him to refrain from posting. Perhaps we can
>organize a girl friend for him; she would undoubtedly find that he
>has a golden heart. Rolf should devote his considerable
>resources to healing himself; although he is willing and feels the
>responsibility to contribute to our common cause, he is,
>unfortunately, useless and even counterproductive at this point.
>He should consider it his primary revolutionary duty to take care
>of the psychic wounds that must have been inflicted on him
>at some time in the past.

Some "motivation", huh? Has anyone ever seen the like of this?

I'm not asking for a defence of me personally here, I'm
suggesting some people stand up and defend some principles.

Rolf M.

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