Marx Math

Michael Hoover hoov at
Mon Aug 19 06:14:50 MDT 1996

> In other words, the listing below is an *understatement* of possible
> lists.
> Let's do some math:
> > I  Basic lists: <snip>
> [-2-]
> > II "Basic Theories" (because some themes have been basic ones -
> >                      this is just an idea): these are must ones?
> [-8-]
> > III Specialities: in several ways related to basic theories
> >                   and to each others
> [-16-]
> > The rest, forget them as such:
> >  * a specialized list about accumulation, imperialism, and ideology
> >   Ideology, culture & marxist politics
> >   Theory of the state, globalism and internationalism
> [-3-]
> =====================================
> ====================================

the fragmentation resulting from the apparent implosion of the
marxism list resembles the historical fratricide of the Left in
the "real" world...a friend of mine found evidence of 47 (if
memory serves) vanguard groups/cadres/parties in the US in the early
' was only a matter of time before this would happen in
"cyberspace"...can you say infantilism?...I'm reminded of something
that Gang of Four's Jon King said to me in an interview a few
years ago (on an entirely different subject): this is "like a
dog returning to its own vomit"...Michael

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