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Tue Aug 27 00:27:15 MDT 1996

Look why someone wants me off a Marxism list!

At present their is a majority of ivory  tower people,=20
Liberals,Mensheviks,and Stalinists who are trying to gut the public=20
"unmoderated forum" called M1 by creating moderated lists where they=20
themselves will be the moderaters.

Some of the reasons claimed by the above in wanting Malecki off the list is;

He compares "cockroaches" to poor and working class people by calling his=20
E-zine for poor and working class people "Cockroach".

He is a Trotskyist.

His poor and working class background (being lumpen and in exile) means his=
spelling and grammar does not pass for their Marxist Standards.

And above all some of the material he has sent to the Marxist list..And=20
their are others who are named in the present attempts to purge the list at=
Jefferson village for being abusive and disruptive to the present majority=
who are trying to moderate marxism and the discussion thereof...

I'm posting this to various newsgroups, to inform as many as
possible of some dealings which I hope there will be reactions=20
against, also from people who know nothing further about the=20
background involved.=20

Along with some of the articles which have been condemned by these=

It's a rather open attack against someone's - in this case, mine -=20
right to air his views, and if there are people out there who're
prepared to take a little action in this case, I'd appreciate it.

In that case, send your comments to one of the following
moderators of the Jefferson Village Virginia Marxism list
(run bu the Spoon Collective):

marxism at

or self proclaimed Menshevik moderator

 Louis N Proyect <lnp3 at>

Protest the closing of the public and unmoderated list M1...
Warm Regards
Robert Malecki

Now to some of the articles which these "marxists" call "disruption",=
or "Trotskyist".. I am sending four articles in seperate  posts as examples=
of my "lumpen" and "disruptive" style..


When I was a kid growing up in New York City, I met my first=20
cockroach. In fact I met millions of them. If I were to get up=20
in the middle of the night to get a glass of water or go to the=20
bathroom the cockroaches were there. For example, arriving at the=20
bathroom to take a leak. I would turn on the light and thousands=20
of cockroaches on the ceiling and walls would run for cover.
Even here in Sweden their is a word for cockroach, (Kackel=E4cka),=20
so obviously the cockroach is and international bug! However I have=20
not seen one cockroach in my 23 years of exile here.                        =

However, in New York City, the struggle to exterminate the cockroach=20
has been going on for a very long time. I remember so well the=20
struggle. In our apartment we would spray poison two or     three=20
times a year. Thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of cockroaches=20
would die in these attacks. Some would survive and move up into the=20
apartment over our heads. Then the people in that apartment would=20
try and exterminate them. The same thing would happen. Thousands,=20
perhaps hundreds of thousands would die. Then the cockroaches would=20
move up to the next apartment.=20
When the cockroaches got to the apartment nearest the roof of the=20
apartment house. The same procedure described above would take place.=20
Then    the cockroaches started their long trip down again and end=20
up in our apartment!
Then this stuff would start all over again. The struggle to=20
exterminate the cockroach has probably been going on for centuries.It=20
is probably still going on today. Perhaps the only difference being=20
that the cockroaches have gotten a little smarter and have become=20
more resistant to the pesticides used against them.
Today when I am soon to be 53 years old and understand this stuff a    =20
whole lot better, I,m beginning to understand that I perhaps have a=20
lot  in     common with the cockroach! I mean the treatment these bugs=20
have been getting sort of reminds me of what poor and working class=20
people have been getting for centuries.
Of course the ruling class both in America and internationally have=20
had much more refined methods of extermination of poor and working=20
class people. But the millions and millions of dead poor and working=20
class people are still a fact. The dead can not carry on the struggle.=20
It is only the survivors, people like me and you, who can do anything=20
about the ruling class trying to wipe us out.
Perhaps we can learn something from the cockroaches struggle to=20
survive extermination. If the cockroach was smart, it would of did=20
something about  their situation a long time ago. I mean just think=20
if the cockroaches had begun to organise themselves into trade unions=20
or started a newspaper called "Cockroach" claiming that they were=20
going to put and end to people who historically trying to exterminate=20
them.That might have saved a whole lot of lives and suffering for=20
the cockroaches.
Well poor and working class people have been trying to organise=20
themselves for a fairly long time now. Unfortunately, just like the=20
cockroaches poor and working class people are devided about the=20
question of : What should   be done?
Some say  I ain,t going to do a god dam thing! Others say, that I am   =20
going to make the best of it and fuck everybody else. Some even join=20
the side of  the exterminators, while others just want to reform the=20
ruling class into being nice guys or girls!
The author of these lines thinks that the struggle against the=20
ruling class (exterminators), is a struggle of poor and working=20
class people against the ruling class.Only one side or the other can=20
win.Because if poor and working class people don't win, they lose!=20
Perhaps poor and working class people can build and alliance with=20
the cockroaches to fight for political power. The cockroaches=20
understand historically what the struggle is about.=20
In America and Sweden, as elsewhere there is a dire need for a=20
new political party. A party which can fight for political power=20
for poor and working class people in their own name. Perhaps we=20
could call it "The cockroach party". Because I think that even=20
the cockroaches understand by this time that it is either them=20
or us!=20
I mean if we want that apple pie dream. Poor and working class people=20
are going to have to organise themselves in order to take the apple=20
pie from those who have got it! Because there isn't anyway else the=20
rich and powerful are going to give it up without a fight.

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my



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