Look why someone wants me off a Marxism list!

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Tue Aug 27 03:29:24 MDT 1996

>Look why someone wants me off a Marxism list! [Posted: 26.08.96]
>I'm posting this to various newsgroups, to inform as many as
>possible of some dealings which I hope there will be reactions
>against, also from people who know nothing further about the
>background involved.
>Please look at the "reasons" given, yesterday, by somebody for
>his intention to suggest to the other owners of a certain list
>that I be expelled from it! (Quoted in full below.)
>I hope that in itself will make all fair-minded persons see that
>some funny business indeed is afoot.
>It's a rather open attack against someone's - in this case, mine -
>right to air his views, and if there are people out there who're
>prepared to take a little action in this case, I'd appreciate it.
>In that case, send your comments to one of the following
>moderators of the Jefferson Village Virginia Marxism list
>(run bu the Spoon Collective):
>Flannon Jackson <fjackson at diana.cair.du.edu>
>Jon Beasley-Murray <jpb8 at acpub.duke.edu>
>Seamus Malone <ReDionysus at aol.com>
>or to the writer (likewise a moderator) I'm quoting:
>Hans Ehrbar <ehrbar at marx.econ.utah.edu>.
>He wrote on 25.08. to that list i.a.:
>>There are only three cases when I thought expulsion might be
>>The third person is, I am sorry to say, Rolf Martens.  I am
>>deeply convinced that Rolf is a well-intentioned and honest
>>comrade.  But he simply has no sense of what is real and what
>>is not, or what is relevant and what is not.  Given his complete
>>lack of an inner compass, it is amazing how coherent he is; he
>>must be extremely smart. But were this list to continue, I would
>>move that we ask him to refrain from posting.  Perhaps we can
>>organize a girl friend for him; she would undoubtedly find that he
>>has a golden heart.  Rolf should devote his considerable
>>resources to healing himself; although he is willing and feels the
>>responsibility to contribute to our common cause, he is,
>>unfortunately, useless and even counterproductive at this point.
>>He should consider it his primary revolutionary duty to take care
>>of the psychic wounds that must have been inflicted on him
>>at some time in the past.
>Some "motivation", huh? Has anyone ever seen the like of this?
>I'm not asking for a defence of me personally here, I'm
>suggesting some people stand up and defend some principles.
>Rolf M.

Hello Rolf:

I think you should not take the rantings of Hans "Egg-bar-who-I-don't like"
at all in any degree of seriousness.  His laundry list is not likely to
succeed in any case and while Marxism 1 remains in this format his wishes
are irrelevant and barren anyway.

If they (the "spoons") want to "switch off" the Marxism 1 list, so what?
Would that not mean that Marxism can not be manipulated to serve its own
deconstruction?  For me that will spell the failure of that "unity of all
the left" nonsense.

If lists of compartamentalised themes are set-up, would you want to be in
one?  I for one would not.

I have long suggested an ADDITION (Marxism 3) to serve as a list dedicated
to revolutionary Marxism in which democratic centralism and certain
standards apply based on the principles of the United Front.  An ADDITION
means that Marxism 1 should ALSO remain unchanged as the battlefield that it
has become, which for me is not bad thing.  However, it is true also that
certain debates - for advanced people - can not be successfully carried out
in that sort of indisciplined atmosphere either.

If they want to go down that road it would indeed mean a real advance.  To
simply compartamentalise the list into various paralell themes would not
stop the problems, only aggravate them with the successor to Marxism 1
becoming mainly a bulletin board for Karl Carlile style complaints from all
those "bounced", "expelled", or even ignored in the various lists.

In any case, I would not worry an iota whatever happens.  Being "attacked"
by Hans Ehgbar is, like the Labour politician Healey said on being
"attacked" by the dull Tory Sir Geoffrey Howard, a bit like "being savaged
by a dead sheep".


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