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Lisa posted her reply to this post of mine, so perhaps you should all
see the original.


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Well, if we end up with a general purpose, moderated M1, amongst
other lists, moderated by someone with at least half a brain,
well and good,

The only problem I have with the whole idea is that marxism doesn't
really lend itself to being chopped up in this manner : for instance,
my views of evolution, OFFPS etc are not separate from my views about
women's oppression today. Nor are these views somehow distinct from
my views about state capitalism : there is racism, sexism, and homophobia
in the state capitalist countries, embedded into their very structure.
Engels links endemic sexism with the existence of class society. Racism
and homophobia are particularly linked with capitalism. And all these
views are linked to the sort of party I think we need to overthrow class

In the new, fragmented world, should I mail the paragraph above to
marxism-science , marxism-womens-oppression , marxism-party, marxism-ussr
or marxism-general ? Or should I cross post to all of them !?

I think because you, and the other Spoons people, are not Marxists in the
same sense I am a Marxist, you have come up with this chopping up idea.
Precisely because you see marxism as one amongst many world views, you
do not see Marxism itself as an organic whole.

Essentially, you have deduced from the failure of fragmentation, the need
for more fragmentation. I deduce from the existence of nutters the need to
kick the nutters off the list.


PS Please accept this criticism as basically constructive : you have
correctly identified a problem, and have proposed a solution to that
problem, and you can't be criticised for that.

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